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HR expertise and business experience to help you succeed

When you work with us, you are tapping into decades of valuable HR and business experience. Because we are entrepreneurs, we also understand what it’s like to walk a day in the life of a business owner, C-level executive and/or management team’s shoes.

We go far beyond developing and implementing standard HR practices—we work with you to identify your business objectives, your challenges and your vision for the future before we design a fully customized HR plan that accelerates you toward your goals.

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On-call support when you need it

Our business framework is specifically designed to meet your changing HR needs. Depending on your circumstances, you can engage our experienced professionals by the hour or for a fixed number of days per month. That means you only pay for the services you need.

You also receive the support and expertise of HR and business professionals with decades of experience in their field. For less than the cost of hiring a junior HR employee, why not consult with a community of seasoned professionals who can leverage HR, entrepreneur and client relations skills to provide a full suite of HR advisory services?

Our people are here for you.

We empower your people so they drive your business forward

Strong, resilient people create a strong, resilient business. Our human-centric approach to Human Resources means that we help your people develop the strategies and skills they need to face current and future challenges in a positive, fulfilling and sustainable way.

iHR Advisory Services helps create an upsurge of confidence and commitment that is a critical part of a healthy, successful, innovative and productive organization.

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Outstanding support creates lasting change

Once the plan is in place, we continue to support you and your teams to turn the plan into action. We keep an eye on the big picture and the details to help you make positive, energizing, and sustainable improvements to your HR and business practices.

We’ll not only help you define success, but we’ll help you measure it. We’re here to help and guide you every step of the way.

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Our experts can help any team grow together. Ask us about our innovative change strategies, leadership training, wellness programs and creative problem-solving workshops.

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