Our Team

We pride ourselves on having some of the best Certified HR Specialists working together to help you.  
The iHR team is comprised of passionate professionals who absolutely love what they do.

Karen Brownrigg, CHRL, CEC

Founder & CEO

Karen is an accomplished senior human resources leader, certified executive coach and business strategist with more than two decades of experience leading transformational, security-sensitive and crisis management issues and initiatives.

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Rhonda Thilbault, CPM, CHRP

Payroll Specialist and Human Resource Specialist

Rhonda is a seasoned certified payroll manager and human resource professional who brings more than three decades of experience to her roles as Payroll Specialist and Human Resource Specialist for iHR Advisory Services.

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Tanya Nesterenko M.H.SC. CEC

Certified Executive Coach & Communication Consultant

Based in Toronto, ON, Tanya Nesterenko, is a bilingual Certified Executive Coach and Registered Speech Language Pathologist who specializes in helping individuals and teams identify, develop and strengthen their unique talents in order to accelerate personal and business success.

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Lysa Appleton

Executive Coach

Based in Halifax, NS, Lysa is a seasoned career practitioner and leadership consultant who has been working in the field of coaching and consulting since 2006. Her working style is warm and intimate yet effective and strategic in supporting people through their career transition, career management and re-employment.

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Martin Castellani, CEC

Senior Executive Coach, Conflict Coach & Human Resources Specialist

Martin joined iHR Advisory Services as a Senior Executive Coach, Conflict Resolution Coach and Human Resources Specialist after a 21-year career in the Royal Canadian Navy.

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Lise Préfontaine, B.A.

Technical Writing Specialist, Office Manager, Client Engagement

Lise has over 30 years of combined experience as a project manager, content writer, technical writer, documentation specialist, client relations coordinator, and workflow process advisor within a plethora of environments.

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King Arthur

Royal highness of the iHR kingdom

Our young warrior struts the office floor with confidence like a true King! He prances around with the excalibur (beef bone) in his mouth making sure we all know of his stately presence when gathered at the round table. Forever seeking the holy grail (his favourite toy), dashing around in a frenzy, and then finally flopping over to have a royal nap.

King Arthur brings happiness and joy to all his subjects!

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