HR Business Basics and Compliance with Legislation

The HR Business Basics and Compliance with Legislation program is designed to help small businesses with between two and eight employees understand, develop and execute highly effective and affordable HR processes. The program also ensures compliance with legislation such as Bill 148.

Our team of Certified Human Resources Professionals understands business and will work directly with you to build a success system that maximizes the strengths of your employees and focuses them toward a common goal.

We use a variety of tools to ensure your HR system is honed to perfection:


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If you are on the fence about whether our iHR Business Basics Program is right for you, consider this:  By engaging iHR Advisory Services early in your business’s life, you are:


Let us help you create a resilient workforce that has the tools and strategies needed to overcome obstacles and adapt easily and confidently to change as your organization grows.

Using iHR Advisory Services, we’ll help you recruit the right people, retain the right people, and put your organization on the path to success.

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