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Human Resources Compliance

iHR Advisory Services™ takes an innovative approach to human resources compliance with employment laws. Canadian standards are strict, and staying up to date is crucial to running a successful business. Doing so is also essential to maintaining employee morale, being proactive in retaining top talent. FoundationalHR means providing your company with a solid foundation for your Human Resource programs.

Watch the video below of our CEO and Founder, Karen Brownrigg, describe this program and hear testimonial from a current client!

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The Benefits of HR Advisory Services for Smaller Businesses

Our services cover the foundational needs of any company. We customize our services to create ideal solutions for our clients. Engaging with iHR will provide the following benefits:

  • Compliance: Employment laws regulate fair treatment and protect employees. We will ensure you have the tools in place to be compliant.
  • Improved Morale: When your employees are confident that you are treating them fairly and in accordance with employment laws, they feel respected and valued.

We Ensure Companies Have the Foundation They Need to Be Compliant

Our team provides guidance and support to your team to ensure compliance with employment laws. We educate and mentor you and your team through difficult situations. Allow us to empower you and your team!

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