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We are so happy that your new or existing practice is ready to start/continue to see patients!

Think for a moment of all you’ve been through to get to this point. You have gained a wealth of knowledge, but schooling, training and your experience thus far cannot fully prepare you for the day-to-day challenges of operating your practice. Not only are your patients looking to you for answers, so too are your employees looking for guidance and support.

With the establishment of your new or existing team, you have a responsibility to lead. As a leader, they are looking to you for inspiration, encouragement and direction. Building a culture of trust and accountability while navigating new and challenging situations as an employer is not easy. You’ll be tested by decisions and situations you likely haven’t encountered in the past.

How do you gain the benefits of real-life experience without the many necessary years it takes to learn these lessons firsthand?

It’s all about having an experienced and trusted advisor. Simply put, you need a mentor.

Mentoring is the most effective method of passing on skills and knowledge. It’s a relationship built on trust, designed to build confidence and to help you take increasing initiative.

When you sign up with IHR Mentoring, you will have a mentor who will:

  • Cultivate a safe, confidential space for you
  • Listen to your issues and concerns respectfully
  • Provide opportunities to discuss strategies for new or challenging situations
  • Speak truthfully and share experience and wisdom
  • Provide encouragement for you to go further, take risks, set goals and work toward concrete plans
  • Celebrate your wins before you move on to your next challenge.

Consider a mentor as a professional partner; someone who will counsel you through challenging situations, share their experience, and facilitate your growth as a leader and an employer.

An investment in mentoring is an investment in you and your business.

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