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Workplace Assessments

This proactive approach offers the opportunity to bring in our award-winning team of certified Human Resources professionals to perform a confidential assessment. Through this process, we learn how employees perceive current workplace issues and overall workplace morale. Following the assessment we will work with you to implement solutions that will improve workplace morale and reinforce positive trends to help improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Our multi-step workplace assessment approach includes

1. Kick Off: We meet with your leadership to determine the objective of the workplace assessment and walk through the process
2. Scheduling: We will then reach out to the participants by email to request voluntary participation and explain the processes and outcomes.
3. Interviews: Once participants have joined the assessment we set up either virtual or in-person interviews that are anonymous and confidential.

4. Report: Following the interview process our team will summarize our findings and present them to both Participants and Leadership to review and add their input. Once completed we will provide a final report.
5. Recommendations: Based on findings from the workplace assessment we will provide actional recommendations and follow-up with periodic check-ins to ensure that the changes implemented are sustainable and long-lasting.

Workplace Investigations

As a business owner, having to deal with workplace conflicts or complaints can be stressful and complicated. With the iHR Advisory Services team, you can count on our certified human resources consultants to help you navigate this process. We approach workplace investigations as a fact-finding mission where our investigators collect information to impartially ascertain facts related to a complaint and determine an appropriate outcome for all parties involved without needing to hire a human resources lawyer.

Just like our proactive workplace assessments, we follow a multi-step approach to execute a workplace investigation

1. Information Gathering: Our team reviews relevant documentation related to the complaint and all relevant policies in place.
2. Scheduling: We reach out to participants by email and participation may be necessary depending on the case. At this time we also explain to participants the upcoming process and their rights.
3. Interviews: Two of our team members will perform virtual or in-person interviews with the complainant, respondent and witnesses.

4. Report: Based on the evidence we will conduct a thorough analysis and form recommendations and report based on the balance of probability.
5. Debrief: Following the report our team will debrief Leadership on the findings and next steps.

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