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Personalized Coaching for Professionals

We believe in the value of well-trained, forward-thinking teams who can positively impact company culture. We help by providing one-on-one coaching to executives, leadership teams, and aspiring HR professionals. Our personalized coaching programs help bring out undiscovered strengths and areas for improvement, resulting in teams and individuals ready to tackle the many challenges in the workplace. Our coaching can help you learn to handle complicated situations. Whether you are an established executive or an up-and-coming professional, we are more than ready to help you succeed.

Watch the video below of our CEO and Founder, Karen Brownrigg, describe this program and hear testimonial from a current client!

Seminar for women

Benefits of Personalized, One-on-One Coaching

While we offer group coaching, there is value in one-on-one coaching – something all professionals understand. At iHR Advisory Services™, we provide a level of personalized focus that will provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Establishing Goals: Everyone has different milestones they wish to exceed. Group coaching can’t always address those aims – but our one-on-one coaching can. Establishing goals is essential to professional development, and we can help with that.
  • Better Engagement: By working directly with one of our coaches, you receive a fully engaged and personalized experience. Individuals who have used our services have enjoyed outstanding success in their careers and are more prepared to handle obstacles.
  • Deeper Learning: One-on-one coaching allows you to ask questions and enjoy a back-and-forth with our coaches. We use your unique perspective to build a knowledge base you can use for years.
  • Enhanced Support: Individualized coaching means more support as the program moves along. Our greatest asset is our ability to build relationships with emerging talent and executives to provide continuous learning experiences.

Focus, Patience, and Resilience Are Our Strengths

We guide ourselves by our three most closely-held principles: Focus, patience, and resilience. We’ve got your back as you continue in your human resources journey. Whether you are an executive looking to enhance your skillset or a junior professional searching for the basic skills needed to succeed, you can count on impartial, professional coaching. We’ll design a program for your needs and begin our work.

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